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Custom Strategies For Motor Vehicle Accidents

As Arizona’s largest city, Phoenix is notorious for its high volume of traffic and the unavoidable choke points that tangle its highway and interstate network. Phoenix also ranks annually at the top or near the top of cities for red light runners. These factors do more than create frustrating congestion or disrupt your commute: they result in motor vehicle accidents with alarming frequency. In 2021, the city’s Street Transportation Department reported that nearly 30,000 crashes per year occurred in Phoenix – an average of 85 per day. Moreover, a fatal crash occurs every other day.

If you have been injured, or if your loved one has been killed in a car accident, The McClellan Law Firm, PLC, can help you obtain the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Detail-oriented and focused on achieving your goals, attorney Matthew L. McClellan works diligently to accommodate your particular situation.

Adaptable Counsel For Serious Injuries

While many of Phoenix’s daily accidents result in costly vehicle damages, others are far more complex and destructive than they may appear at first glance. Car-to-car crashes can cause serious harm to drivers and passengers – but the consequences can be catastrophic if the crash involves a commercial or semi truck, a motorcycle, pedestrian or bicyclist. In these situations, individuals can suffer life-threatening or fatal injuries, or injuries result in permanent disability or incapacitation.

At The McClellan Law Firm, PLC, Matt understands that every crash is unique – and that your treatment and compensation needs are unique, too. You may need urgent financial support and consider pursuing a fast and effective settlement; you may wish to aim for maximum compensation, and be willing to navigate a lengthier litigation process. No matter your goals, Matt will work with you to develop a strategy that is tailored to your circumstances, health and finances.

Don’t Settle For ‘One-Size-Fits-All’

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, a large firm’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach may not accommodate the challenges, complications and demands your claim presents. To receive the attention, care and strong advocacy your case deserves, contact The McClellan Law Firm, PLC. You can schedule a free consultation by completing Matt’s online form, or by calling 602-922-2529.