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Clear, Compassionate Guidance Through Wrongful Death Cases

In personal injury cases, someone who has been harmed due to another person’s actions or carelessness can hold the wrongdoer responsible. The same principle applies to those tragic instances in which another person’s actions or carelessness have resulted in someone’s death: the family or loved ones of the victim can hold the wrongdoer responsible. Under Arizona law, wrongful death claims can stem from fatal:

  • Building or premises damages or collapses
  • Criminal activity
  • Medical malpractice, including surgical errors or improper prescriptions
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle crashes
  • Product defects
  • Workplace accidents

At The McClellan Law Firm, PLC, attorney Matthew L. McClellan is committed to providing clear, compassionate guidance in wrongful death cases. He will carefully analyze your claim and establish a strong legal position, while providing you with the support and sensitivity you need during your time of grief.

Solutions That Meet Your Goals And Needs

Matt firmly believes that advancing a wrongful death claim is not an expression of vengeance or greed – it is an essential means of holding wrongdoers responsible in our justice system. Moreover, it can provide families with the financial support they need to cover outstanding medical bills, the cost of funeral services or lost income.

Wrongful death cases entail complex litigation and negotiation. As a detail-oriented and focused attorney, Matt has the confidence and skill to guide your claim to a solution that meets your family’s unique needs. He will approach your case with compassion and dedication.

Get Justice In Your Time Of Grief

If you are grappling with the loss of a loved one due to a wrongful death, turn to The McClellan Law Firm, PLC. With nearly two decades of legal experience, Matt will work to understand your goals and help you understand your options for meeting them. For a diligent attorney passionate about getting you justice, call 602-922-2529 or complete his online form.